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Favorite KPI? All of them!
Big Grin 
Considering what they do to identify the health of a process, your suppliers, safety, bidding, delivery, and the company itself or however/ whatever you measure, I don't think that there can be "a favorite".  They all play important rolls in analyzing and identifying problems as they are happening, if done frequently enough, but even if done infrequently, they at least give everyone else a glimpse of what's going on.

This then allows PA instead of CA, which to me is far more important: to be able to fix something before it is completely broken or escapement.

But, I guess, if I had a favorite, it would be those I have that contain automated calculations embedded into my Quality Metrics Spreadsheet.  No reinventing the wheel each time or spending hours trying to make a chart that is hard to understand and puts everyone to sleep during MRM.

There within my spreadsheet, by answering just a few questions, calculated through very basic analytical and statistical math and through the use of conditional formatting, I have that glimpse at what's happening in the world around me...

and it even changes colors too! Cool

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