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Preventive maintenance
What are the checklist for preventive Maintenance?
Preventive maintenance is related to the organisation, Who manufactures a product. Preventive maintenance is a schedule. Which an organization should implement to increase productivity of its product and to reduce probability of breakdown in machine. Preventive maintenance covered all the utilities in an organisation. A pre schedule has been made by an organization in order to maintain their utilities maintenance. Schedule for preventive maintenance has been made in such an order.that it will not effect production. An organisation should fix some parameters for each and every machine according to which preventive maintenance should be done.
For example. If you have a generator in your organization, suppose it a 125 kVA D.G set. Then there checking parameters. Will be as follows

1. Radiator oil
2. oil leakage
3. If generator has automatic starting function. Then need to analyse time delay of starting of DG.
4. Battery charging

These are some checkpoints on which preventive maintenance need to be done. After making the schedule preventive maintenance need to be done according to schedule and proper documentation should be done.
Benefits of preventive maintenance.

1. Increase productivity
2. Reduced breakdown in machines
3. Increases the life of machines.
4. Reduces maintenance cost.
5. Increase efficency ofachine.
6. Overall improvement in quality.

Please see MyeasyISO for more detail.

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