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Certification to be a Quality Manager?

I am currently a data analyst and clinical study manager at a small medical device company based in New York. I was asked if I would like to take on the additional role as Quality Manager. Any education would be covered by the company.

So, what are my best options for signing up for nationally or even internationally recognized certification classes? What are the minimum certifications required and the maximum certifications (for maybe auditing positions). Obviously it would be more convenient if they were condensed online courses or close by; however I am open to considering year long courses for which I would have to travel. The goal of such education is really to teach me the language so that I can overhaul and manage the quality system for the company. Also, it would be nice to acquire a transferable skill along the way!

So far I have found...

ASQ Biomedical Auditor Certification but it seems that it requires years of experience within the field.


Quality Assurance/Compliance Certificate Program

ANY advice you can offer will be very much appreciated! Let me know if I could clarify anything or whether there is a better place to post this.

Thank you for reading. 

The ASQ course work is globally recognized and does convey a level of expertise and experience. Because you can't get them in a week therefore they mean something. Having said that some local colleges do offer quality course work. And some of the bigger registrars do also, they tend to be 2 or 5 day courses. Internal Auditor certs are common titles for that type. You should also realize that once in quality it can be tough to get out of QA. Do you really want to do this? Consider keeping dual titles at work if you are not sure this is a good thing for you.

As far as minimum requirements go. Apparently your company felt you did, and therefore you are. However keep in mind you need to pass audits. And passing audits is the qualification for keeping your job. Companies are infamous for putting people in a QA position, after all how hard could it be? And letting them go when they have bad audits and need someone to blame. It can't be the operations fault after all.

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