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Both !
Before I got here, it was largely reporting.

But I keep drilling home the point that people take the path of least resistance, and without some clear documented expectations you're not going to get reliable results that meet your needs.

Eventually top management began quoting my words back to me - when we identify a problem we look at root causes and find out how the expectations are established. Keep those expectations clear and up to date, and you're on the right road. Just at the start of the road, but at least you're on it.

What was the question again ?

Perfect answer.

Been lucky enough to work where it was taken very seriously, other places not so. It can be a lonely road sometimes.
our qms is largelty seen as a system to show off to the customer. wine and dine and glamor our qm and procedures. in the end we show the customer good parts at a good price on time. that's what they want anyways. Very few seem to "get it" with the qms. root cause analysis? corrective action? FMEA? etc. what does all them there fancy words mean? A quality product is the one where the customer is happy with it (misquoted lol) time goes on, more and more people here are seeing the results of our qms. Hopefully with the 2015 changes and a new system in the works people will start to look at our qms as a system and process, not just some fancy paperwork....I know there is more to it than the explanation given, but there are some severlely clueless (TOP MANAGEMENT) people in the world lol.

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