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Use of corrective action
We are experiencing a big decrease in the number of corrective actions entered by employees.  Has anyone else experienced this?  We have been ISO9001 since 2007 and every year it's less and less. I am told by people "the things I see are once in a while" or "I used to enter them but nothing changes."  How do I deal with this. Would it make sense to assign a "reminder" training on why it's so important or is that just a waste of time? Does it really matter after all of these years? Huh
Sounds like there may be deeper issues than just employees not making an effort.

What's their motivation if they try and, indeed, nothing ever changes? Can you gather the list of those entered by employees over the years and map them to changes implemented?

A corrective action would be against a non-conformity so the process sounds a bit unusual. Are they no longer reporting non-conformities at all? (Might these be preventive actions or just process improvements?)

If the fundamental problem is broken, training would not be all that valuable.

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