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Does anyone use Measurelink 7
I would like to know if anyone on the forum uses Mitutoyo's Measurelink 7 software (about to become Measurelink 8), and if you do, what do you use if for, and what do you think of it?

I have heard it is a good product and could be useful to me for real time monitoring and measurement of our products at the machine and help me control my gauges both attribute and variable.   However getting information out of the manufacturer (Mitutoyo) is like pulling teeth.  It takes literally months to get a reply out of them and even when you call and they tell you that whomever you need to speak to is busy but they will call you back i the next 10 minutes it actually takes days.  I suspect if I was a formula 1 team representative asking about some very expensive new technology they would bend over backwards to help me, but I am just a Quality manager in a subcontract turned parts manufacturer with about 40 machines.

As a company we prominently use their hand held gauges, as they are used in an oily environment and many of the competitors products that we have tried, struggle to maintain function and just don't last as long in that environment so it would make sense to use a software that was designed around products we already have.

I am hoping it is easier to get information out of your guys than it is Mitytoyo, and anyway if I can get some real world experience, it is much less likely to gloss over the not so good traits of this software.

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