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One Name, Two Facilities, Two Audits?
I work in a company that has two facilities that used to work pretty independent of each other, we even had different names. The facility I work in has always been considered a sub-tier of the other and up till now, we've always done our AS9100 audits separately. However, our two facilities have recently been combined under one name, and I'm wondering if we will continue to do our audits separately. My gut instinct says yes because the two facilities are about 300 miles apart, therefore our internal auditing system and the like would be separate, but I cannot find any information online that would confirm or deny this. I'm also curious if this will have any other effects on external audits in general, such as how they are performed and potential requirement changes. Any help would be appreciated.

It appears that you have combine 2 sites into one certificate.

Step one - call your registrar and let them know that you have combined 2 sites into one - what would they recommend.

they will guide you through the process - if you do not get the results that you are looking for - come back and share - we will take you through alternative actions.

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