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Documenting Maintenance
I have been searching high and low for recommendations on the documentation of maintenance. I am finding all kinds of recommendations of setting up maintenance programs and have several books on lean maintenance.  So, I thought I would ask other minds out there what works for them.  I am working on a Maintenance Process document in an unregulated space, concentrating on the "what do we document when we do the maintenance" aspect of the process. I have grown up in medical devices and pharm, so now that I am an unregulated area my guys are really pushing back on me when I say to initial every line or log every entry.  And, I don't blame them. But I want to make sure we get enough information for reliability engineering sake and enough information so that our customer continues to be happy.

Our CMMS already documents: description of work to be performed, asset, location, technician doing the work, labor hours, tools used, the as found condition, work performed, as left condition (if its corrective, they are required to record the root cause), and the date of work well as a bunch of other things.

In our regulated areas we require each line entry of the work instruction to be initialed or logged (this is where the non-regulated guys are pushing back).

Thank you in advance!
Is the current process not working; i.e., are your customers unhappy, are incorrect / lack of maintenance issues resulting in poor quality? If not, I expect the push-back is based on "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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