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Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA/FMECA)
How can your system fail and what will the consequences be?

Northstar has extensive knowledge about and experience with Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). We can show you where your technical system can fail, and help you improve your design.

What we do

FMECA involves reviewing all relevant components of a technical system in order to identify failure modes and their corresponding effects. We will make ourselves acquainted with the system and facilitate a workshop with your experts where the complete system is reviewed systematically. For each component we will ask how it can fail and what the consequence of these failures will be.

Typical questions are:

    •       What is the function of this component?

    •       How can this component fail – what are the failure modes for this component?

    •       What may the reason for this failure be?

    •       How do you detect this failure?

    •       What is the effect of this failure both locally for this component and for the system?

    •       How probable is this?

    •       How critical is this failure with respect to the system objective, production, safety of environment?

    •       Are there any possible improvements in design that can help you avoid this failure?

The answers from these questions are logged in a table and the critical of all failure modes is visualized in a risk matrix. In advance of the workshop we will together decide which combinations of probability and consequences are critical and which are not. The results will be presented in a report.

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